300 Under 300 Is Finally Here!

300 Under 300 Is Finally Here!

So if you have ever been into healthy cooking, or joined Weight Watcher's over the past few years you have heard all the rave about Hungry Girl and her website. Not only is Hungry Girl sponsored by some great healthy eating products, but the content on her site is just wonderful! Her newest book is now available at book stores and online everywhere and if you can guess by the title it is breakfast, lunch and dinner meals under 300 calories! Of course the Weight Watcher Points Plus Value is given for all the recipes. There is such a wide variety and I cannot wait to try all of these new recipes.

There is nothing more satisfying then a meal that you know is healthy but tastes damn good!

I went through and picked a couple of my favorites in the new 24 chapter book. (Did I mention the tour for the book right now, check out the Official Site and see if it is stopping near you. There are tons of prizes and food give aways!)

There is even a fast food makeover section. Cue a healthy substitute for McDonalds and Taco Bell! (I spy a Crunchwrap Supreme makeover)


  • Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal Parfait
  • PB & Chocolate Oatmeal Blitz
  • BTA (Bacon, Tomato, Avocado) Egg Mug
  • Banana Split Bread


  • Classic Club Salad
  • Dreamy Butternut Chicken Foil Pack
  • Buffalo Chicken Wing Macaroni & Cheese
  • Crispy Cheeseburger Pizza


  • Ranch-tastic Butternut Fries with Bacon
  • Looney Tuna-Stuffed Pepper
  • Hot Dog Stroganoff

If that doesn't get you excited about healthy cooking I don't know what will! Be sure to check out some of the other Hungry Girl books that are available too, such as 200 under 200! Without creative recipes like this I know I wouldn't be able to stick with dieting. Sure it's easy to make a big box of macaroni and cheese when you are in the mood, but if we ate like that all the time we'd be the size of a house and with one foot in the grave. You have to keep ideas in your kitchen fresh. What I love most about these recipes, besides how good they taste is the fact that my friends and family will never know when I serve it. It tastes just as good as the real thing and in some cases even better! Make it fun to be in the kitchen, let your kids or your significant other help out. Let them pick the recipes, or make a date night when you go grocery shopping.