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Everyday Food: Great Food Fast

A Great Cookbook for Beginning Cooks Wanting to Eat Healthier


Everyday Food: Great Food Fast is reportedly from the Kitchens of Martha Stewart Living. I have no idea how much or how little Martha Stewart was actually involved in the making of this particular cookbook, but as a novice cook, I can highly recommend Food Everyday to anyone wanting to cook simple, healthy food.


Seasonal Recipes in Everyday Food


The recipes in Everday Food are divided up into the four seasons; each section contains starters, main courses, and desserts. The recipes for each of the seasons are selected more based on the fresh ingredients and produce that you can get during each season than on anything else, which makes the cookbook handy to use at different times of the year.


Quick Easy Recipes in Everyday Food


As a newbie cook, one of the nicest things about Everday Food is the simplicity of the recipes; you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a nuclear physicist to follow the directions and most of the recipes take less than twenty minutes from start to finish. In fact, I tried many of the recipes from Everday Food (as well as a few others) on THIS BLOG about the life and times of a bad cook (mostly ME) and was more often than not surprised at how well the recipes came out.


The easiest recipes that I tried in Everyday Food are (in no particular order): parmesan-stuffed chicken breasts, fish tacos, chili-rubbed salmon, roasted salmon with lemon relish, and cashew chicken.


Since Everyday Food has 250 recipes listed inside, there are lots of recipes to try. While I’d mostly recommend the book to newbie cooks looking for healthier diet options that are easier to cook, I think that more experienced cooks might find some fast recipes within the pages, too.


Desserts in Everyday Food


I’ve tried a couple of the desserts in the cookbook, and the ones I’ve tried have been just as easy to prepare as the other recipes in the book. However, there are a few dessert recipes in the cookbook that look more than a little fattening, so not EVERY recipe in this cookbook is healthy.


What Everyday Food Doesn’t Have


Everyday Food lacks detailed a list or section on cookware and other useful tips.


What extra information Everyday Food has.


There is a small section on some cooking basics which includes a few extra sauce and rub recipes, but again, the section is really short. The cookbook does include the nutritional information for each recipe.