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Cooking and Sex: Why Not Combine the Two?


I’ve seen more than a more than few recipes which include liberal amounts of alcohol, both in and out of whatever meal is being cooked, but this is the first recipe that I’ve seen that includes sex as an ingredient (or as a useful activity to do when waiting for your meal to finish cooking.)


The recipe comes from a Slate food writer who advises cooks to have sex while the chicken is the oven. Since the specific recipe calls for the chicken to roast for over an hour, there is ample time for this part of the recipe to be followed. However, the writer also advises that special planning may be required, which should be no problem since “cooks tend to be resourceful and seductive by nature.”


Michael Ruhlman advises taking a twice-weekly nooners with your partner with home-cooked meals being the ostensible purpose and sex the real one. His claim is that the smell of food is relaxing and that partners (especially those with small children) need to carve time out of their schedules to enjoy cooking and sex together without the little munchkins around.


He seems somewhat shocked that his relatively novel idea was re-tweeted across the Internets, but he really shouldn’t be. Look on any dating site and the two things people list as items they absolutely couldn’t live without are food and sex. This, of course, makes the combination of the two enticing to almost anyone.


Of course, if neither of the partners is a good cook, or doesn’t have over an hour to roast a chicken, the sex could be mighty quick. Ready-made sauces with boiled pasta can be prepared in less than twelve minutes, which might put the amount of foreplay at a minimum.


Labor-intensive foods don’t necessarily work for the cooking and sex combo either; of course, that’s where the division of labor comes in handy so to speak.


You can always save the sex for dessert, but that defeats the purpose of the original intent of the combination of beautiful food smells during sex.


And, while Michael Ruhlman’s original idea is for parents to share alone-time together in a different way, I see no reason why the cooking and sex combination couldn’t work for anyone, whether they have kids or not. Taking time to enjoy food and enjoy sex is important in any relationship. Just try not to burn the food while you’re in the bedroom.