May 2011

Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential

The Rock and Roll Life of Cooking

      The best books are blast of fresh air that take you on a ride to a different world and make you disappear from the one you are reading in. One of the last books to do that to me was Anthony Bourdain book Kitchen Confidential. It was insanely popular in the early 2000’s. They even made a TV show out of it that was short lived and Bourdain himself has his own show. But if it slipped by without you notcing like it did with me, it’s abosolutely worth finding and reading. I plan to give you a little more detail on the novel and granted it’s pretty much a memoir, but to me it read more like a love story.

Freshman In The Kitchen

From clueless cook to creative chef

When my girlfriend first gave me the Max & Eli Sussman book called “Freshman in The Kitchen”, I thought she had finally called my bluff about my wanting to cook more often. Well, not a bluff, more like a threat. I am left handed, so I find it rather hard to wield a knife and find my rhythm in the kitchen. Nevertheless, I have always wanted to be more like one of my culinary heroes (Anthony Bourdain), so I opened the book and started reading.


The great thing about this thin, gloss paged book, with its wide plastic ring binder is that it can be brought in to the kitchen with you. You can wipe sauce off the pages if a little gets on there. Also, the pages lay open easily which, as a new cook, it is important to have the ability to continue staring at the recipe you are preparing.